This is separate event with the upcoming SRT Airdrop for ICX holders.
The upcoming SRT Airdrop will be for all ICX holders.

This event is for Bithumb Staking Service users.

Please find below the event detail from Bithumb at

Fellow Bithumb users

Bithumb will launch the new staking service ‘ICX’ at 2021.02.25 11:00 (KST)

To celebrate the launching, Bithumb is going to run the event for ICX staking users distributing SeeRealToken(SRT).

SeeRealBox is the SNS that communicates only with natural unedited content of which its users can only upload the content without any filter/modification. …

To celebrate the upcoming intoduction of the seerealBOX application as well as the seerealAD service, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with ICON network to distribute seereal Token(SRT) to ICX holders.

What you need to be participated in this seerealToken(SRT) Airdrop is, have ICX in the exchange wallet!

How to work:

1. SRT Airdrop will be starting from this March for a year.

2. SRT will be transferred to ICX wallet on a monthly basis starting from early April.

3. The amount of SRT will be calculated based on the portion of ICX you have in your wallet. The portion of ICX will be traced daily and be averaged monthly.

4. Major exchanges participating…

The SCORE is a smart contract running on the ICON network. A smart contract is a collection of code(function) and data(state) residing at a specific address on the blockchain, and the SCORE can be viewed as state transition software that allows users to implement service logic such as token transfer. State transitions are triggered by sending a transaction to an address with the SCORE. All service logic that can be modeled with state transition software can be implemented in the SCORE code, and the module for advertisement execution and payment of the seerealBOX using seerealAD is directly implemented through the…

Connected with ICON Network, One of leading global blockchain networks

​seerealBOX’s advertising platform, seerealAD, utilizes various advertising products such as CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPL(Cost per Likes). Due to the nature of the seerealBOX, the fact that only the contents without correction/modification can be uploaded in seerealBOX and the advertisment can only be seen based on the location of the content created by the user, it can provide an advertisement service with higher content reliability and targeting effect than other online advertising platforms. …

Transparent Online Advertisment Platform

All of the representative online SNS advertising platforms that are currently commercialized, such as Google Ad, Naver Ad, and Facebook Ad, recruit advertisers and charge them through the various advertising products as below.

Mainly, there are 7 different pricing models for online advertisement: CPM, CPC, CPT, CPP, CPA, CPS, CPV. Let’s see what each model entails.

CPM (Cost per Thousand/Millenium): The cost for every 1,000 ad impressions on a given webpage.

With CPM, the advertiser can select the location they want their ad to be shown, which guarantees exposure for a specific amount of time.

CPC (Cost per Click): The…

seerealPOINT vs seerealTOKEN

Please aware that there are many repetitive words/concepts! Stay with us!


seerealPOINT is the same concept with the point we commonly use in online shopping. It is an exchange method that acts as a key currency in the seerealBOX service and a medium that stores its value as KRW currency.

The advertiser of the seerealBOX basically uses any advertising related service through seerealAD, the advertisement platform of seerealBOX, and receives seerealPOINT. seerealPOINT is a reward for the promised activities in the user’s service, e.g. …

Dotname Korea( is a domestic hosting company started at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)’s New Technology Venture Center, led by researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and signed a MOU with seerealBOX. Dotname Korea is a nationally accredited registration agency selected by the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), and has ranked first in customer satisfaction and growth rate.

Dotname Korea, which provides proven servers and solutions based on technical know-how for the past 22 years, maintains an excellent credit rating every year as a domain operator, which provides high stability, efficiency…

What is Enterprise Value? Enterprise Value often referred to EV, is a metric that quite literally measures the total value of a company. The size of a company varies from startups to listed companies, and depending on these sizes, there are various ways to measure the Enterprise Value of a company. Today, we will cover EVs and how to easily interpret them.

Generally, there are two ways of assessing EV: quantitative and qualitative evaluations.

Quantitative evaluation: Assessed based on metrics, such as the company’s sales, profits, losses, etc.

Qualitative evaluation: Assessed based on non-numerical aspects, such as the company’s growth…

What is social media? To me, it’s a service that allows me to share snippets of my everyday life and hobbies. Wikipedia, however, defines it as:

“interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.”

Whether you resonate with my simplified interpretation of social media or the elongated version provided by Wikipedia, it is undoubtably one of the most influential technologies in the society today, in which it penetrates through nearly half the world’s population.

Obviously a single social media platform doesn’t penetrate through half…

seereal box

SEE REAL in seereal box

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