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1 min readFeb 21, 2021


To celebrate the upcoming intoduction of the seerealBOX application as well as the seerealAD service, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with ICON network to distribute seereal Token(SRT) to ICX holders.

What you need to be participated in this seerealToken(SRT) Airdrop is, have ICX in the exchange wallet!

How to work:

1. SRT Airdrop will be starting from this March for a year.

2. SRT will be transferred to ICX wallet on a monthly basis starting from early April.

3. The amount of SRT will be calculated based on the portion of ICX you have in your wallet. The portion of ICX will be traced daily and be averaged monthly.

4. Major exchanges participating in this event will be announced this week!

Amongst the profit generated by seerealAD, which is the main business model of seerealBOX that is made using SCORE of ICON Network, the portion of the profit will be shared back to seerealBOX users. This additional profit sharing will also be paid in both ICX and SRT.

There are more to come with ICON Community so please stay tuned with us.



seereal box

SEE REAL in seereal box