ICON Staking Service X Bithumb with SRT(seereal token)

This is separate event with the upcoming SRT Airdrop for ICX holders.
The upcoming SRT Airdrop will be for all ICX holders.

This event is for Bithumb Staking Service users.

Please find below the event detail from Bithumb at https://cafe.bithumb.com/view/board-contents/1641611.

Fellow Bithumb users

Bithumb will launch the new staking service ‘ICX’ at 2021.02.25 11:00 (KST)

To celebrate the launching, Bithumb is going to run the event for ICX staking users distributing SeeRealToken(SRT).

SeeRealBox is the SNS that communicates only with natural unedited content of which its users can only upload the content without any filter/modification.
Its advertisement platform is created by blockchain so that the user who uploads the content can receive rewards for the online advertisements.

SeeRealBox Website

We would like to ask our customers’ interest and participation, and please refer to the event details below.

1. Snapshot Event for ICX Holders

■ Event Period : 2021.02.26 00:00 ~ 2021.03.10 00:00 (KST) at 00:00 everyday

■ Event Target : Users who hold more than 100 ICX at the time of snapshot

■ Event Details : SRT will be distributed in accordance with average of each daily balance rate during the event period

** Balance Rate (%) = (Average of each daily balance of ICX of member A during the event period) / Total average of each daily balance of ICX during the event period) %

■ Volume of SRT Airdrop : 30,000 SRT

■ Payment Date : 2021.03.17 (Wed)

2. Net deposit Event for ICX Holders

■ Event Period : 2021.02.25 after resume deposit and withdrawal service 22:00 ~ 2021.03.10 24:00 (KST)

■ Event Target : Customers who externally deposit more than 200 ICX at the time of event period

■ Event Details : SRT will be distributed in accordance with ICX net deposit contribution rate during the event period

**Contribution Rate (%) = (Total net deposit ICX amount of member A during the event period / Total net deposit ICX amount during the event period) %

**Net deposit amount = The amount of externally deposit — the amount of externally withdraw

** Users who have participated in different events can also participate in this event

■ Volume of SRT Airdrop : 70,000 SRT

■ Payment Date : 2021.03.17 (Wed)

3. Caution

■ This event will be limited to the ICX.

■ Payment will be trimmed by 8 decimal place

■ If the transaction is considered as illegal or abnormal, you will not be eligible for the event participation

■ Users may check their SRT payment on trading history or balance of assets.

■ User may be excluded the payment if withdrawal ‘terms of service of staking service before the SRT distribution.

■ The schedule of support for the SRT transaction and other service will be announced in the future.

For more information regarding Bithumb staking service, please refer to the web site below.

Bithumb staking introduction and precaution of staking service [ Shortcut ] >>>

Bithumb will always try our best to provide convenient and safe trading service for our users.

Thank you

Please stay tuned with us for our SRT Airdrop Event with ICON!