[seerealAD] Blockchain Advertising Platform with AWS

Transparent Online Advertisment Platform

All of the representative online SNS advertising platforms that are currently commercialized, such as Google Ad, Naver Ad, and Facebook Ad, recruit advertisers and charge them through the various advertising products as below.

Mainly, there are 7 different pricing models for online advertisement: CPM, CPC, CPT, CPP, CPA, CPS, CPV. Let’s see what each model entails.

CPM (Cost per Thousand/Millenium): The cost for every 1,000 ad impressions on a given webpage.

With CPM, the advertiser can select the location they want their ad to be shown, which guarantees exposure for a specific amount of time.

CPC (Cost per Click): The cost determined by the number of times a visitor clicks on the ad.

In addition to Google, which typically uses banner ads, Instagram and Facebook uses target ads, as opposed to keyword-based ads, to practice CPC advertising.

CPP (Cost per Period): The costs determined by exposing the ad over a period of one month, three months, six months, one year, or two years.

CPT (Cost per Time): The costs determined by the duration of time in which the ad is exposed on a website.

CPS (Cost per Sale): The costs determined by the sales generated as a result of the ad being exposed on the publisher’s website.

CPA (Cost per Acquisition/Action): The costs determined by each time there is a conversion. There are three types of conversion:

1 CPS: Conversion resulting in a sale.

2 CPL: Conversion resulting in the subject signing up for the product/service, or requests a consultation.

3 CPI: Conversion resulting in the subject installing an app.

This pricing model implies that the publisher will be responsible for the conversion of ads.

CPV (Cost per View): The costs determined by each time a video advertisement is viewed or interacted with.

YouTube, as a video sharing platform, most often uses the CPV model. However, you can also find CPM and CPC models being performed on YouTube as well.

However, these billing details are designed so that advertisers can check only the number of views and exposures, and it is not possible to check the details of the actual advertisements being exposed and executed. Moreover, in recent years, most of the online advertising platforms arepromoting their targeted advertisements using big data and artificial intelligence. This leads to the situation where the advertiser himself searches for his own advertisement yet is not able to find any, because the advertiser’s behavior is defined by artifical intelligence as the person who is not correlated as the person suitable to view that advertisement. This is causing advertisers or users to always question the reliability of whether the advertising service is operating properly.

seerealBOX is building its own advertising platform, seerealAD, which is designed and developed based on blockchain technology to increase the transparency of advertising services. Blockchain is a concept that minimizes the risk of hacking or data forgery by storing information in a decentralized server rather than storing and managing information on the server of a central institution. This allows you to share with advertisers that seerealAD’s advertising services are operating transparently and effectively.

The advertising platform using the blockchain is physically set to prevent forgery and alteration of data and arbitrarily modifying and deleting data in storing various history values ​​that occur in the advertising execution process. Therefore, it is possible to increase the reliability of the advertisement execution process by sharing these history values ​​with advertisers and users.

  • Advertiser and user KYC
  • User inquiry history
  • Transparency of advertisement execution
  • User revenue distribution history
  • Advertising fee payment and billing details
  • Token execution and distribution history

Collaboration with Amazon Web Service(AWS)

Amazon Web Services is Amazon.com’s cloud services division, supporting thousands of business operations in 190 countries around the world. Amazon Web Services also provides blockchain-related services, with 25% of all Ethereum workloads in the world running on AWS.

The QLDB that seerealBox is collaborating with AWS is immutable (cannot be modified or deleted), encryption based, and confirmed blockchain based application that there can be no intentional modifications to the data in the application. QLDB uses an immutable transaction log, called a journal, to track each application data change and maintain a history of all verifiable changes over time. seerealBOX’s development team already has experiences in successfully introducing and commercializing QLDB under the cooperation of Amazon Web Services.



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